The Twilight Plains

Welcome to the Twilight Plains, traveller. We hope your stay is enjoyable.

Remove your burdens and forget all your pain, for here Fiction becomes Reality.

May all your adventures in this place be truly amazing.

The Twilight Plains: a dream, a story, an ancient place of lore… our home. Long ago, before time itself, a world was created. It was a place more beautiful and pure than all else, untouched by any filth or evil. Throughout time it stood strong, though hidden from human eyes. From it was wrought Fiction in its purest form.

The Twilight Plains allowed a few select beings into its magical realm to share this Fiction with those in need. These people were called the Keepers of Legend, and were given the gift to dream and imagine, weaving marvelous tales into the complex web of imagination that was the Twilight Plain’s foundation. They gave hope, love, and a reason to live to those everywhere without it. This gift was soon spread to others, giving all the ability, if they wanted it, to dream their own dreams and love in their own way. Yet as this magic slowly diluted itself in the minds of those who disregarded it, things began to fall apart.

As time oft does, those ancient forces barring outsiders from the world of Fiction began to weaken. Soon, things the Twilight Plains never intended to near it’s gates started to choke out the good things there. What was once untouched became mucked and dirty, and the green rolling plains of the land became brown and dead. In a last effort to repel this evil, the Twilight Plains completely sealed itself off to heal and rebuild. For a very, very long time, the pure Fiction that the world once had also became murky as the Twilight Plains seemingly disappeared into nothingness…

Yet soon the pattern of life demanded what was long lost once again. And soon, a New Twilight emerged.

The Twilight Plains, reborn again to a glory countless times greater than ever before is now alive. Can you hear its call as it beckons you to join it? Can you feel the pull of Fiction, tugging you off into a world of purest imagination? A New Twilight is upon us…

The fields are a lush green and the moon is bright. The stars in the heavens twinkle in delight, as if to say, “Welcome to the Twilight”. May all your adventures in this place be truly amazing.

-Christopher N. Sagasaki